Why Buy From Us

Cheap Chinese coversQuality. Our scripture covers, cases, and totes are made with longevity in mind--we actually care about quality! Nothing we sell is produced in China or made from cheap materials that are made to break. Our covers will last for years and even decades.

Story Time! For example, when my dainty niece was baptized someone gave her a scripture tote. It looked beautiful but didn't even last a year before the handles began to crack, fray, and tear. This reconstituted fabric from China (made to look like leather) was simply junk and began to break and separate at every point (pictured at right). It looked nice on the outside but simply didn't last a year before the handles completely broke.

Support. We got your back! If anything goes wrong with your covers, we will make it right. Customer satisfaction isn't just a motto, it's THE way of doing business here. Call, email, tweet, Facebook, or whatever means of communication you like--we'll take care of you!

Pricing. It's hard to compete with the cheap LDS totes that come out of China, but when examined, our prices are pretty competitive. Plus consider our flat $3.95 shipping rate combined with no tax (outside of Tennessee), we can deliver a quality scripture tote to your door for less than your driving time, gas, and effort of buying the fabricated Chinese version that will only last a year or two.

Warm & Fuzzy Feelings. Finally, all our scripture covers are handmade by members of the church from Mexico down to Chile. By purchasing our covers, you're helping to support LDS families both here (in the United States) and abroad. That's not something we take lightly as our livelihood depends on it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your business!